The magic of nature.

I want to combine an eco-friendly perspective with beauty and imagination

I have carefully thought through each product and selected materials for them with the environment in mind. Each product page contains information on the environmental benefits it has.

I have chosen to manufacture as many of the products as possible in the Nordic region in order for the working conditions to be good and to determine unnecessary transports.

I also think about how my choices affect the environment in everyday life. For example: I sort rubbish and eat a lot of organic food. My electricity comes from renewable sources and is marked with the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation’s Good Environmental Choice.

Since I work from home with the design products, it means that the good environmental choices that I make privately directly affects my brand In The Dreaming Garden.

One of the products that I feel extra proud of are my kitchen towels. The fabric is an organic GOTS certified linen fabric, and the color is certified according to the highest Oeko-Tex Standard 100 product Class 1. My kitchen towels are also both printed and sewn in Sweden, which is quite unusual for textile products.

It is just as important to me that the products are whimsical & lovely looking – beauty & imagination enhance life, I think.

Are all products 100% environmentally friendly?

Some products were more difficult to make completely eco-friendly, such as the cutting boards – the most environmentally friendly thing is probably to make cutting boards without motifs made entirely of wood. I have seen any other manufacturer with a more environmentally friendly method for printing motifs on cutting boards – feel free to tip me if you know!

My cutting boards consist of hard wood fiber board (HDF), melamine (melamine formaldehyde), adhesive film and printing ink. A complete table of contents can be found on their product pages.

Sustainability plus points for mine is that they are made in Sweden (from Småland) and that the levels of the various substances included in the cutting board are below the EU limit values ​​- in addition, they are so beautiful that you’ll want to keep them for a very long time. 🙂