Before It Was, It Was Dreaming – physical EP

60.00 kr

Relaxing “fantasy pop” music with piano, violin & harmony singing.

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Dream away to a fairy tale land with fairies, dragons and secret friends.

Contains the songs:

1. Big Blue Flower (as I’ve later named Secret Garden)
2. The Dragon Leaf
3. Poem of Love

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Lyrics, music, song & piano: Josefin Berger. Violin, string arrengements & backing vocals: Camilla Hedner. Recording & mix: Marcus Larson. This EP is released in my former artist name Dreaming Garden, nowadays I use my real name Josefin Berger also as my artist name.

Eco-friendly aspects

The sleeve is printed at KLS Grafiske hus in Denmark with vegetable based GMO free ink on 100% recycled paper. The fold meets the requirements for the Nordic ecolabel and Carbon neutral print. The CD is printed by Dicentia in Austria.

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